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Piano tuition by highly qualified and experienced tutors in Cardiff and South West London

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Engaging lessons by talented professionals

All lessons are based around the following objectives:

  1. Every pupil must enjoy their learning and be motivated
  2. Creativity, inspiration and progression are always maintained
  3. All core aspects of learning are covered each lesson (Repertoire, Technique, Sight Reading and Listening) with encouragement of other interactive methods (e.g. Composing, Improvisation, Puzzles etc.)
  4. An aspiration to perform, in some form, once each term. 
Lessons are carefully planned and a every effort is made to ensure that the learning experience of each Cadenza Music pupil is the best it can possibly be. Here are some of the key features to lessons:

  • Dedicated teaching resources (including a specially designed practice notebook)
  • Termly Reviews (an end of term report detailing progress and planning ahead)
  • Piano Showcase (an annual concert hosted by Daniel Nicholson open to all Cadenza Music Pupils)
  • Termly workshops and mock exams held at a local venue
  • Incentive schemes (this includes a 'Practice Points' league table)
  • Book orders, exam entries and book orders all administered by Cadenza Music (fee included in lesson invoices) to allow for seamless functionality and opportunity to lessons. 
  • 100% exam pass rate. Daniel is training to become an ABRSM examiner which will offer an incredible opportunity to access an insight into the examining process. Mock exams are held 2-3 weeks prior to each exam. 
  • Access to Daniel's own Missing Bars book series. Information is available in the Publications page. 

The team at Cadenza Music Tuition have considerable experience conducting piano lessons for pupils of all ages and abilities. Whether you are beginning your musical journey or are already at an advanced level, we offer lessons suited to your skill level and tastes. 

Our tutors can teach you in both classical and jazz piano. From Mozart to Tatum! 

If you are looking to progress with exams, play a piece from your favourite composer/style, relearn after some years away from the instrument or learn a new skill such as composing or improvising, get in touch now to arrange a free trial lesson. 

We conduct home tuition in South West London. Home studio lessons in Cardiff will be available from August 2017 and online tuition is available with Daniel Nicholson

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These are some of the aspects we cover in our lessons:

  • Jazz and Classical piano Lessons
  • Compostion
  • Music Theory
  • Sibelius
  • Improvisation
  • Group Lessons/Workshops
  • Online Tuition
piano being played

musical training 

The training we provide is thorough and covers a wide range of topics. You will have dedicated resources such as a specially designed practice notebook, at your disposal. We conduct termly reviews and provide a comprehensive report about your progress. An annual piano showcase is also arranged, which will allow you to exhibit your musical talents. You will also have access to our publications and our extensive database of resources. 
“Dear Mr.Nicholson, I would like to start by thanking you very for that lovely lesson. I learnt so many new things in that session. I really like the way you put sight-reading and theory together because you know that will really help me."

– Sophia  
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